Montana Ice Racing

Looks like I'll be spending the winter around the Missoula area. Can't afford snow machine. Anyone know where some ice racing action might be?

There are a group of guys that take the bikes out on Canyon Ferry east of Helena (they "put in" near the Silos at the east end of the lake), but nothing regarding organized racing that I know of.

Most of us just nut up, dress properly, and prepare to fall down riding on ice and snow. I was still busting snow drifts in late June this year, and I was riding in snow again three weeks ago. You just gotta deal with it around here some years.

There are usually a few MX tracks in Montana that can be mostly clear part of the winter. They usually aren't clear all the way around, but they are still rideable. Anaconda and Great Falls can fall into this category as the wind can usually blow them partially off. So you have clear straights, with corners full of snow drifts.

Then again, with the way winter has seemed to show up early here this year (what global warming?) all of the above may be moot. I've got buddies that have already put more than a few miles on their sleds. If we are up to our eye sockets in snow the bikes will stay parked. Then you will have to either head out on a snowmobile or go hit the slopes and chase ski-bunnies.

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