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Yet another clavicle

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Dr Mark I would appreciate your advice - seems you have a sensible and well balanced approach.

Whilst I suspect my case is reasonably straighforward (in comparison with some of the other multiple fractures some people have in other threads) I always like to get as much information as possible.

I came off my mountain bike at 25-30mph culminating in fractured right clavicle - and lots of scrapes and bruises. I went to A&E - they said - simple fracture with a bit if an overlap, wear a sling, should be okay but go and see a specialist in a couple of days to make sure things havent moved. See original xrays....



It is now day 4 - I have worn the sling 23.5hrs a day, pain is much less but bones still seem pretty mobile with lots of grating and the occassional "catch" when the pain meter ramps up. It occassionally gets stuck in an uncomfortable position (like a cramp) - and the only way to fix it is to lie on my back and wait for gravity to sort it out. I have found that I keep having to push the shoulder up an back to get things to "sit right". Sling seems to do very little. When walking I hold the shoulder in place - but get to feel all the grating going on - bit disconcerting.

Went to orthopedic surgeon today - I got todays x-rays taken after I had pushed things into what felt like the right position. If I dont push it into the right position it just feels like the shoulder has dropped a bit.

There is now just a slight gap it seems between the two bones - they said they would operate if I wanted - but they didnt think my break warranted it - and what might only be a 3 week benefit over letting it just heal.

1. Do you agree it is not worth operating on?

2. Should I be concerned about the extent of movement between the bones now - and at what stage should this start to firm up?

3. Any tips for non surgical healing - to get the break to sit in the best position possible?

4. Should I stick with the sling - or try and get a figure 8 as well?

5. Is my general activity - and pushing the thing in place - significantly disrupting the healing process?

6. About how long before I can start riding again off road?

Please refer to todays x-rays below....... and thanks again for your advice





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