-08 ktm 250sxf

I have a -06 250SXF. My dealer offered me a deal for a brand new -08 KTM 250SXF for $5800 CAD ( I live in CAD btw) A -09 retails aroud here at $7900 to $8100 at all the dealers and the -10's aren't here yet. Should I get the the 08 or just save $ for a -10? Winters coming so I won't be riding unitl around March. just wondering is the -10 really going to be that much better then an -09/-08? I have read and watched the tests for the -10's but I have myself wondering.

Suspension is better on the 09 over the 08 and some small other changes. Id go with the cheapest you can gte, take some of the cash you saved get the suspension tuned correctly for you. Maybe get a slip on or exhaust if you ride off road and need a forest approved sparky thing. You have to remember ktm is releasing a 350 in the very near future its a done deal and it has linkage. For us that have the no linkage bike we might lose some resell money. I dunno maybe we gain lol But if it were me on a 250sxf since they have small changes id go with the best possible money deal i can and set it up nicely with what you have left.

I posted this the other day..


Revised exhaust-cam specs provide increased power, new valve springs are more durable and a redesigned exhaust silencer reduces noise output to meet strict new sound restrictions in racing. A larger-diameter stainless-steel head pipe and altered ignition curves improve low-end throttle response. The WP fork has new damping settings for a more progressive feel, and the WP shock is lighter and redesigned for lower friction and better response.


Entirely New KTM Patented Triple Clamp Design

Off-set is now 22mm fixed (2009 - 20 mm)

Twin screw design on lower triple clamp instead of triple screw

Designed for improved flex characteristics and optimal handling

» Revalved Suspension Settings

Forks have a new seal and bushing to reduce sliding friction

Combined with the new triple clamp, the suspension provides optimal handling and stability

» Modified Air Box With New Design TwinAir Filter

Improved air filter protection - New shape in the front to reduce dirt or water collection and a slight wall in the back to avoid water coming into the filter

New TwinAir Filter designed for the new airbox

» New Front Brake Pads - Toyo B153

Combined with last years new SX caliper that provide awesome performance with a more progressive feel

» New Renthal Hand Grips

Dual compound, tapered design

Like Hoss said, Id go with 08. I am in the same deal as you, I can get a good deal on an 08 or spend like $1000 more and get an 09. Once I pull some more money together I am going to try to get an 08 if there are still any around. And you could spend the money you saved getting the suspension revalved for you and a new triple clamp if you want the same offset as the new ones.

Thanks for all the info guys. I'll get the -08 set up with the dealer.

09 and up forks are way better than the 08 with stiction and seals.........if you buy in march the 09 will prolly be where the 08 is now $$wise

I bought my 08' 505 XC-F (in Canada) at the end of the 08' season last year, I live in Northern Quebec, I ordered it (in a crate) from a dealer in Chicoutimi (500km away) who brought it in from another dealer 1000km away in New Brunswick (Moncton) and I still got $ 1100.00 off of retail, ... so if you are buying an 08' at the end of the 09' season, I would expect at least a $ 1500 rebate if not more !

Good Luck !

Alright I'll wait it out and see what the -09's are like in March. Might even have enough $ for a -10! :bonk:

BTW .... I'm curious what is at http://www.1227.com/ ... I heeded your signature and didn't go there .....

BTW .... I'm curious what is at http://www.1227.com/ ... I heeded your signature and didn't go there .....

Lets just say that curiosity kills the cat.:bonk:

Lets just say that curiosity kills the cat.:bonk:

Since I lost track of how many of my nine lives that I've used up I should probably not go there ! :bonk:

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