License plate blown apart...again

I have had license plates fracture and break off before...I believed mainly due to only 2 anchor points...which allowed to much movement resulting in metal fatigue and fracture.

So I mounted my current plate down with 4 pop rivets...eliminating the ability to vibrate.

This worked well for quite some time.

This did leave "wings" of about a 1 inch overhang where the plate extended beyond the tail fender. But when I put the MRD-SSW on...the exhaust was aimed directly at that wing sticking out.

After a few months of riding 475 with MRD-SSW...the exhaust pulses hit my plate with enough force to cause the plate to fracture from top rivet to bottom rivet on the exhaust side. Last night on my way home it apparently broke off...loosing about 25% of my plate.

If I ever figure out a way to mount a plate and have it live on the back of my bike...I will let you know.

Anybody else experience this?

Try putting a rubber grommet in the mounting holes.

I eat a License plate every 2 years after replasing the bolts with plastec ones

some how they do not transfur the viberation so badly

I just got done modding mine.IMG_2184.jpg

Make a backing plate for the license plate. Use aluminum sheet that's at least twice the thickness of the license plate, you can drill holes in it to remove some of the weight if you're worried about that. Fasten the license plate to that and then attach the whole assembly to the bike. How was your license plate mounted onto the bike? You said you used rivets, where were they attached on the bike? If you are just sticking it right onto the rear fender you will need something more substantial if the exhaust is hitting it. You can beef up the fender with more aluminum on the underside. Then you will be able to use bolts to mount the plate and it should be pretty much bullet proof.

another pic


I bolt the current plate together at all 4 corners with an old plate so it's double thickness. This was a big problem with my KTM 625 SMC because of the vibes. I actually epoxied and bolted two plates together for the 625.

I made something very much like Killerdwarf's, except mine is a little more hillbilly style. I simply used L brackets and made supports that goes all the way arond the back side of the plate. Then, I cut a bit of rubber hose to cushion the bolts. Works great going on 4 years now. Looks OK too, you can't see any of my redneck engineering work.

Same boat, my Yosh thump-thump-thumps the plate so much that after a while, it just shakes itself loose and VOILA! She's gone!

I just lost mine the other day, so I have to do the NYS dance.....go to police station, fill out a "missing/stolen plate" report, then stand on line at the DMV. Hand over cash......repeat!

ive had the same problem in the past.i use a plastic semi mudflap.i cut it to size and mount that to my tail light then the plate to the cut out mudflap.its worked for the last 3 years but i now have to cut another piece out because the mudflap has melted a little but it still is doing the job

The thing that has worked for me (And I do hardcore off-road with mine)...Is to take sheet metal and cut it out to the same dimensions as the license plate. Then rivet the license plate to the sheetmetal. Now mount it with at least 3 or 4 screws to something metal. If you are attaching to a plastic fender then you have to make another sheet metal cut out to put on the tire side of the rear fender drilling holes through it for the license plate screws. Otherwise you'll eventually yank the plate and screws right out of the plastic. I used to lose a plate several times a year...After doing this I haven't lost one (And I have these large Africa Plates to deal with).

Try putting a rubber grommet in the mounting holes.

+1 :bonk:

I just use zip ties through the holes and 2 more in holes in the bottom.

I glued mine to a double layer of clear lexan ,been ok since early in the spring.

Also fitted 2 strips at the bottom ,see the piccie


I haven't done it, but I saw a picture of a DRZ with the plate in the wheel well right under the seat. Not sure if it is legal here, but it is visible from behind and it would get it out of the way of the exhaust. I haven't had any problems with mine yet :bonk:

the bug

Haven't had a problem with my license plate with the MRD yet. The existing "burnt" plate was caused by the old Hindle Ti pipe I had. I have destroyed about 2 sets of rear signals though with the MRD.

Have you tried running a "license plate frame" with your license plate yet?

Sounds like you need something to stiffen up the plate like this. :bonk::bonk:


I have a nice 1/4 inch sheet of aluminum cut a little bit smaller than the tag. Then I bolted the tag to it with four steel bolts with locknuts. Havn't had any problems since:thumbsup:

The first one only lasted a few months. It's somewhere in the Jersey pines.

Off set this one to the left (away from exhaust pulse) a nice layer of silicone between the plate and mount.

So far so good.


I went with the edge and I made some Plate backers out of Expanded PVC. THey are about 1/4" thick and really absorb vibration. PM me if you want one $10 including shipping. I also throw in an acrylic cover plate if you want it. I'm still on my first one and have 5k on the bike.

Have hooked up half a dozen TT ers with them.


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