Tell what I have done pitster lxr 160

Ok no rain here today wanted to ride to work fire up the pitster letting it warm up and putting on my gear it stops runing no prob I go to restart it and the kick starter on the 2nd kick makes a bad sond like it was sliping around the shaft and the kick starter stays all the way down I check to see if its just sliping nope its on good I have to pull the kick starter back up by hand try it and the same thing bad sound no start i dont think its truning the motor over put it up and drive my truck to work I am going to call pitster they have always heleprd but they are not open yet any body know what I have done and what it might take to fix :bonk:

sounds like the small clip on the kicker gear failed, this is an easy fix. call Pitster and the tech guys can talk you through it.

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