Whats involved with removing the shock clevis?

My terminology might be wrong. I think the part at the end of the shaft with the rebound adjuster that connects to the linkage is the clevis.

I need to change my preload spanner nuts out. I have removed the spring and what I guess is a spring retainer, but there is a hollowed out cone shaped piece that the "bumper" sits down in. This piece is bigger around than the inner diameter of the preload nuts and so I cannot remove them without first taking it off.

That cone shaped piece with the "bumper" in it will not come over the clevis.

What I am wondering is how big of a deal is it to remove the clevis so I can get these parts swapped out. Am I going to lose oil? Could I mess up the rebound adjuster?

Would it be better to take the shaft out of the shock body, replace the oil and re fill the nitrogen?

Or is there an easier way I am not thinking of?

Thanks for any advice.

what bike is this?

Its a showa a-kit shock on a 2008 yz 250 (2 stroke). Not sure if it matters or not but the shock has been lowered 1.5 inches. I think this limits the travel.

By the way thanks for the reply. You seem to always be very willing to share your information with people.

The best way about it is to remove the entire shaft assembly out of the shock body. You stand a good chance of damaging the shock shaft otherwise.

Ok thanks.

ahh makes sence now, a showa, yes i would dissasemble it.

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