CDI specs.

Just in case anyone wants to know here is what I have found for Honda RFVC CDI boxes.

boxes: (The GB500 uses the MK6 CDI)

CDI part # idle advance full advance

MG3-003 6 BTDC below 1200 31 BTDC at 4000

MK6-671 8 BTDC below 1200 21 BTDC at 4000

MG2-871 11 BTDC below 1200 31 BTDC at 4000

MG2-891 11 BTDC below 1200 31 BTDC at 4000

MG2-892 11 BTDC below 1200 31 BTDC at 4000

Are one of those an XR650L CDI?

The part numbers look too old.


I did a quick search online and found MG2 CDI fits XL600, MG3 fits XR500, They are old numbers for sure. I put a later MK2 88 XR600 CDI in my XL, it was supposed to have a better curve according to the eBay seller. I can't tell much difference.

These are listings for the xbr500/600 and gb500.

I think a ex400 quad will plug in an work also.

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Good stuff guys.

Can you get the numbers for the XR650L CDI?

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