bike not running quite right

Been riding for over twenty years, with no discernable change in riding habits or start procedures.

For my commute, I travel three miles, with nine or ten lights in those three miles; and then enter the freeway. I start my bike, drop it into gear and idle off. I have a stoplight leaving my neighborhood, so I sit for a minute waiting for that, then ride slowly through town. At the freeway, I run up through the gears to whatever my speed is going to be that day.

Lately, my bike stumbles like mad in the mornings, and almost refuses to accelerate from any of the stop lights. I end up running the choke much longer than normal, and slip the piss outta my clutch. Once under way, it stumbles a bit at steady, low throttle, but if I open it up, it clears itself out, and accelerates like it should.

In the afternoon, this symptom is noticeable only upon initial start up, but a very slight hesitation off throttle is present. If I snap the throttle open from idle, it stands a chance of dying rather than revving.

Please note that this thread is not a critique of my starting, warm-up, or riding technique. These things can be assumed to be constants. I have ridden this motorcycle in this manner in the cold before, and this did not happen. I’m looking for information that would lead me to remedy this mechanical issue

Weather has been in the mid-to-low fifties in the am, and I’ve been thinking that I might put a cover on one of my rads, to speed warm-up, but it doesn’t go completely away in the afternoon, so....

pilot circuit is too lean via partially plugged pilot jet and or passage,lean fuel screw setting,lean pilot jet or a air leak.

thank you, sir. i was afraid that something was clogged. i guess i'll be disassembling the carb this weekend.

easier than wrestling with a bank of four off of an old kz, but fun removing and replacing, none the less.

actually, i found that if i loosen the rear fender/airbox mounts, it's much less stressful.

thanks again, eddie. i appreciate the time. if you ever need a motorcycle crashed, let me know.

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