replacing carb

I'm about to put a new stock carb on my bike and I was wondering if I need to put gas in it or anything before I put it on?

Nope, just bolt it up. If its used, make sure you go through it before bolting it up to save the hassle of having to remove it again. Once on you can put the fuel cock on prime for a minute to get fuel into the carb making stating a little easier.

Its used, and has a DJ jet kit already so when I go through it what am I looking for just dirty or broken parts?

Just dirt. I'd pull the jets and needle and just make sure they are clean. I recently helped a fellow TT'er jet his carb and his needle had varnish caked on from sitting too long. We were reusing the same needle but I'm glad I checked it because there was enough on there it would have affected how it ran. It only takes a couple minutes and will save you an hour if you have to do it later.

If you don't what jets are in it you should take the bowl off and make sure its jetted for your motors state of tune.

Cool thanks for the tip

If your talking about altitude its jetted for sea level and I'm at sea level and both bikes are S model

Do you have an open exhaust?

No stock exhaust

Was the other bike stock like yours? Stock cams and pipe? If so it's probably close but you should check to see if what's in it is what is recommended from JD or get advice here.

You say it has the Dynojet kit already?

The guy said that all he had was a 3x3 in the air box and a exhaust I pretty much drilled him on it being safe and affective on my bike and he said it'll work hes sellin for just 40 bucks so i dont think hes tryin to rip me off

I was thinking though since he had an exhaust I might need to do something with my stock muffler until I save up enough to buy an exhaust

Anyone got any advice on what to do with the stock muffler?


Oops, sorry I thought I read JD kit. Depending on what jets are in it and what kit it is S-stage 1 or SM-stage 2 if he had a pipe and you don't you may have to got to a smaller main jet. Give us some more details, what kind of pipe did he have, which kit, and what jets are in it now.

It depends on his exhaust. Usually just a different main jet is needed with an aftermarket open exhaust vs a stock exhaust. Did he send you the remaining parts from the jet kit?

I dont know what jets are in and its not here yet but I'm pretty sure its a stage 1 thats all I know for now. When it gets here is there any way to identify what jets are in it?

Yeah, just open it up and take a look. The jets are stamped with a number denoting their size.

Cool, I'll see whats in it when it gets here.

Alright I got the carb and it has a 132 I'm guessing main jet its the one over the needle, and a 62.5 is the next one down and the lowest is a 22.5. The clip is at the 4th position from the top.

I have stock everything right now and will be cutting a 3x3 if this might work.

Can I cut a 3x3 with these jets?

The main jet looks too small to me but I'm not that familiar with the Dynojet kit.

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