Stock DR650 wheel weight?

Has anybody ever measured their stock wheels without tubes and tires?

Since this comes up occasionally it would be interesting to find out how much an improvement can be had with aftermarket ones.

I haven't weighed them, but I can tell you that my 17" Excel supermoto wheels with Distanzias felt WAY heavier. Substantially heavier.

The stock wheel/tire combo feels very light. I can weigh them when I get home if I remember.

Hi all,

I weighed my spare (stock OEM) front wheel on my bathroom scale last night, and it came in at 4.54Kg/10lbs with bearings brake rotor and all (no speedo drive or spacers).

The back is a little more complicated, since all I had on hand that didn't have a tire on it was my early DR350 18" rear wheel. I figure it must be close though as the hub/cush drive is virtually identical and the difference is really just a 1" larger aluminum hoop. It came it at 6.35Kg/14lbs with brake rotor, cush drive assembly, sprocket (can't remember if it's a 14 or 15 tooth (d'Oh!! I meant 42 or 46 tooth...)) and of course bearings (again, without spacers).

I realise that a bathroom scale isn't really the most accurate. If I can get my hands on a better scale, I'll give you more accurate results.

Take care,


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I'm an idiot... :-)

14 or 15 tooth on the rear... wow. Pretty high gearing there... Just kidding! Now, THAT would save some weight, though! Top speed of like 300 mph or something like that.

Hey, I'm just kidding; that was way too hard to pass up.

Yeah, it's hell on the swingarm too!! :smirk:

Was thinking 42 or 46 but typed the opposite...

Thanks for pointing that out bbushong!!


Yeah, it's hell on the swingarm too!! :ride:

Was thinking 42 or 46 but typed the opposite...

Thanks for pointing that out bbushong!!


I think everyone figured it out... Just couldn't pass it up. No biggie.:smirk:

LukasM--here are some weights for dr350--18" and rm 21"

DR350 18" non cush (no tire--has steel 50t sprocket) 11-lbs

rm 21" no disc-- 7-lbs

DR350 18" cush (with out sprocket hub) has irc gp110-5.10-18 tire, warp 9 rim 25-lbs

RM 21" warp 9 rim with disc and irc gp-110 19 lbs

sorry Lukas no stockers to weigh. for those that use the 350 wheel for off road you can use the 350 disc by using the 350 caliper HOLDER (dr650 shown). you can mount a shark fin on it also.:smirk:



Thanks for chiming in Bergman, good info. Now could you please weigh them again with a scale accurate to the gram? :ride::smirk:

I will try to take the tires off my stockers this weekend and do the same.

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