crf 150r 07 problems please help

so, last weekend i was riding and went through a mud puddle that went over my front fender i got to the end of it and the bike died. it started right back up and ran fine. the next day i was racing at riverdale race and there was a half mile long straight away. i got it up to about 3/4 throttle in 5th gear and when i went to let it off, it started sputtering and then died. i shifted down to try and bring up the rpm's but it still died. i sat there and kicked for about 10 minutes and then it finally re-fired. i started it up and it ran fine again. then i did the same thing on the straight away and it did the same thing again.:bonk: the next lap i put it in 5th gear on the straight away again and only gave it 1/2 throttle and when it let off it did not die or spitter ar anything. by the way i did drain all the gas out of it after i went thru the mud puddle. Any help would be appreciated

-thanks david

im not too sure but maybe you need a larger pilot jet. when you let off, the pilot circuit was being used and maybe it couldn't get enough gas, but i dout that would cause it to die completly.

Check gas tank and carb vent hoses for kinks and plugs.

Check the spark plug area and other electrical connectors for water, buy some dielectric grease for all electrical connectors.

Check and clean air filter it may be soaked in water or just dirty.

If you have the stock pilot jet I would go a bit larger.

These bikes need to idle a bit high.

Might want to check some valves too.

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