am I really hurt?

Went racing this weekend and took a fall strait on my head and it felt like hot liquid was pouring down my left arm starting at my shoulder and ending at my wrist. At first I thought I was bleeding, checked no blood, then I thought it was a separated shoulder, no bump, so then I thought broke collar bone but then the warm liquid sensation went away. So I kept on racing :bonk: won my class. But I now have pain in my back on the left shoulder. I should go to a doc but I am stupid and wanted to see if anyone has had this sensation before:confused:

Maybe a pinched nerve? Twisted my neck-bone once, and my forearm felt like I had stuck it into a campfire.

Pretty weird, your brain says HOT MOVE AWAY, you look and there is nothing there to move away from!

Did you break anything? Just the nerve pain going down your arm? Your probably fine if that is it. You should still have a Dr check it out though. One thing they'll do is see if you can pick-up a 50 lb bag of sand at your side, to see if you got any shoulder, A/C, or neck injuries. You should try it yourself, see if their is any pain, should separation or you can't stand straight. If you pass that test, your probably fine, just a momentary pull of the arm or a minor separation that popped back.

nothing is broke and I can do everything you asked but I just was freaked out and still have sore neck/left shoulder ache

May be a "stinger" which is basically just a pinched nerve. Happens all the time in football. Quite a wild feeling cause your whole side goes numb.

You might want to see a Dr. just to rule out there is nothing cracked that a slight jar might cause to turn into something worse. Spine and neck injuries are nothing to overlook. You know, " Better safe than sorry".

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