Titanium welding around orlando?

Im haveing a heck of a time try to find someplace that will weld my Yosh Titanium muffler back together.Ive called just about every machine shop I could find 50 miles from orlando/kissimmee.Any chance anyone here can do it or knows a place or someone that can weld titanium?

I've heard good things about Alloy Welding Co. in North Wilkesboro, NC. (336) 667-7783

I know they weld magnesium and basic stuff like aluminum but don't know if they do titanium. You might want to give them a call and see what they can do for you.

Id like to stay around Florida if possible.If not I will give them a call.Id like to be able to drive there and wait for them to fix it.

What exactly do you need welded? The header or the can? Got a picture?

There is a shop on the west coast that a friend of mine knows that's done some Ti repair in the past. Here is their contact info.


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I need the muffler welded.It needs a 4 inch weld on it.I need the core tacked back onto the front cap as well.I could do it if I had a tig and the gas down here but I dont.I will give them a call tomorrow.

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