WR250R seat bolt size

I was riding yesterday for a few hours and apparently I lost both of the 8mm bolts holding my seat on. I was in a bit of a haste the last time I put them on and did so in straight mud. They're gone.

Does anyone know what size they are? I remember the head was 8mm but the length in particular.

Not sure what the thread size is, but it's the same length and thread size as the 5mm allen head side cover bolts or the ones that hold the front of the shrouds on. I put the D-ring quick releases on my side covers, so I had the two 5mm allen head bolts left over. They fit the seat just fine and it's easier to get the seat off with my T-handle allen wrench than breaking out a 8mm socket and ratchet.

Thanks that helps a lot I'll take one with me to the store and size up a replacement.

It's a 6mmx20mm. The washer is a thick one. 2mm so make sure to get those also. Sometimes it hard to find 6mm bolts with a 8mm head. Most hardware stores carry them with the 10mm heads.

Yeah, there are a few bolts I've replaced with different spec too. As long as the length is right and the head size (6,8,10mm etc) is in my kit. I wouldn't use generic hardware bolts for 'critical' stuff, but plastic, seat, signals - I'll get away with.

Mine have 10mm heads?

Maybe your previous owner had the same mental lapse. I went to Lowe's today and picked up some 6mmx20mm thank you for the size. I found some big pan washers to use with them also and they work great, and have a few extra now. Mine are also 10mm heads now.

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