AMA Nat H&H Johnson Valley 25OCT09


Round 8!! this weekend

shorter loops mean MX tanks can be good to go (L3 is longest at 40 miles)

Rumor is the 4th and final loop is only 15 miles long, but is entirely viewable within walking distance to the pits. In other words a rare occasion to watch a good portion of what will likely be a pretty epic desert race.

Russ Pearson has a comfortable lead over Destry Abbott and only has to get 4th or better to clinch the title - but that isn't much of a guarantee out in the wild of the California desert! David Kamo is only a couple points behind Destry so the points race is pretty tight and being able to watch the battle in the last 15 miles should be great!

I'm hoping for a lot of good video footage to show up afterward since I can't make the race. I also hope for some good rain the day before to make the conditions as epic as possible! Wish I could go!

Dude I am also praying for rain,,,,(no show I am sure) but most of all praying that I get through the "spectator section" of ugliness without making a fool of myself in front of God and everyone!!!!

It was looking like Destry might pull it off from what I've been hearing. Going out on the third loop Destry was in the lead and Dave Pearson was in 2nd with Russ Pearson in 3rd. David Kamo was right behind Russ, and the Husky boys (Ty Davis and Nick Burson) weren't too far off of them.

But something happened on that loop that changed all that as Russ came in from the 3rd loop in first a full minute ahead of Destry. Kamo after Destry and Dave Pearson far later and when he did get in he called it a day. Quinn Cody from JCR pulled a 4th place which is impressive - I didn't think he ever pulled a finish that good in 2008 racing for KTM. Nick Burson came in 5th and Ty finished in the top ten.

and my tank arse with the help of Mr Husky TXC450 finished my 3rd H&H of 09 in the old guy warrior class (40B),,, the L4 had the most technical extreme enduro sections I have yet to deal with plus some really crazy hill climbs. It was another epic XC event.

Beau from ProMoto.TV was there parked with us and was with vid and still cameras and showed us (sat eve) a helmet cam run to the bomb on Kamos helmet (pretty friggan sick speed) I figure @ 80-90 but thats my wag. somewhere out on the net there are the top ten results, for us mortal riders we will need to wait I am sure.

My brother was out in front on the bomb run in his little starting area but he said he was dust free for about 2 miles until he could see what he thought was Russ Pearson's dust coming to hit him. Top gear pinned - he couldn't believe how fast those guys go. 80 to 90 for Kamo? Wouldn't put it past him at all!

I had another friend down there racing your class for the National championship in that class. He was leading going into the 3rd loop but he came back from that one in 3rd. I never did hear how he finished.

1. Russ Pearson

2. Destry Abbott

3. David Kamo

4. Quinn Cody

5. Nick Burson

6. Morgan Crawford

7. Justin Morrow

8. Ty Davis

9. Ryan Kudla

10. Brett Saunders

Those videos are truly incredible even compared to the ones being produced for World GP and AMA MX. Someone knows exactly what they're doing!! :bonk:

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