How to get plastic ready for graphic

I have got graphics for my 97 xr250r and the plastic is a little rough but i dont want to have to buy new plastic so im thinking of taking the fine sand paper like 1000 to 2000 and seeing if i can get the rough spots and buffing it to glass smooth. And im was just wanting to know if any of you have a better way?

Sandpaper works just fine. Then clean all with a little rubbing alcohol just before you apply the stickers. Keep your fingers off the area where the stickers go and put some soapy (couple of drops of soap to break the surface tension of the water) water in a spray bottle to float the sticker around till you get it where you want.

sweet thanks for the help i would have never used the water but it made it a little easyer to work it around then dry plastic lol.

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