Screws or Studs? Winter/ice riding...

I have searched quite a bit and all the treads I have found on ice tires, but I haven't found any that explain the difference between screws and studs...more like what would work best for different types of riding.

I am new to winter riding, so I am looking for advice on whether I should go with screw or studded tires on my 400S. No racing, very little black ice, mostly snow covered ice or hard pack. I have heard that screws would be fine for just tooling around (even in the snow) and I have heard that studs would be needed.

In summary, I need something that works very well in the snow or snow covered ice, but will give me some traction on bare ice if needed.

Any ideas?

Edit: when I say studs, I mean something like Best Grip Nails studs.

I dont know this from experience but i think screws tend to be more for Ice racing.

I dont think either are going to do much in snow unless its really hard pack stuff. I think the studs will help with hard pack heavy snow.

I ride in snow with just knobbies. I wont say its easy, but it is fun:)

I started leaning more towards studs as well. Seems like screws just won't give me the depth penetration that I would need. I just don't get much bare ice around here. It is mostly snow covered (couple inches) or hardpack (possibly with a couple inches of snow also). The only bare ice we get is on freshly plowed roads or after a good thaw/rain and re-freeze; which I will be on, but not very often (maybe 5% of the time). Tracks would be the other bare ice I might find, but I don't see myself on them much.

I've got experience with Gold Ice Screws 5/8". They are a hex head that is sharpened for this exact purpose. I used to run ovals on small lakes and they worked awesome as long as the oval track was cleared. Once you started to get snow buildup they would start to lose functionality. For what it's worth....

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