Need Advice From Owners

Hey guys I have had bikes from all the different manufacturers but I haven't own an RMZ yet and since I am getting ready to upgrade to a 450 I am considering going with the Zook. I am looking at several '05s a couple '06s and an '07. I would just like to hear some feedback from owners of these bikes before I do anything and what would be a fair price. I have seen them listed from 2500-3500.

i just picked up a very lightly used 07 450 for $2900 and I can't belive how good this bike is! Then handling is awsome, the suspension is really good as are the brakes. The only thing this bike lacks is a little power. I've heard that these bikes are very reliable, we will see. I was ridding a 08 crf450 that had revalved suspension and it had more power but didn't turn nearly as well.

Always buy as late a model used bike as you can afford = most upgrades compared to new. I trust the bike is for mx? The 07s seem to be the most reliable and were de-tuned from previous years. The 07 is a 4-speed, which lends itself to mx versus a wide variety of off-road, although they were successfully raced in that venue. I love mine. Get the most that you can from the stock suspension and then try the heavier springs f/r if you need more, with some oil level changes. A good front tire is a must to get the most out of the fine turning characteristics. Many owners invest in an off-set triple clamp for tighter tracks. You can push the fork tubes up in the clamp a little and get some effect. Good power, check the TT Intake/Jetting forum if you notice a slight bog off idle. Enjoy.

thanks alot guys! I picked mine up last week and i lobe it so far, had to slightly adjust the fuel screw and jetting but other then that its been great.

The 08.5' are really good I have 2 that i am selling 1- with less than an hour on rebuild $4000 and 1- used at Loretta's only $4500 They are really good bikes !! 574-276-5314

thanks for all the tips guys wish I had the money for the EFI if I like this one after about a year I'll upgrade!

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