Loud clacking sound when starting cold

Just recently when I start the bike cold there is a fairly loud sound like metal on metal or something. It starts ok and once it is warmed up there is no clicking sound when starting. Is this something I should be concerned about? I have a 2009 dr650.


:ride:How many miles? what weight oil are you running?:bonk::bonk: have you checked the valve clearances?...:lol::bonk::bonk:

mine does the same thing, sounds like the timing chain is whacking something, then was the engine is warmed up, the sound disappears.

i have no clue what it is.

Likewise, got a 05 DR. Starting cold it sounds like a hunk of junk but then it warms up and purs right along. Just turn up your ear phones....

No need to worry. It's just the starter clutch/idler assembly. As long as you do not have the 98-99 model year bikes which have a slightly different part that can crack the case. Check Kientech engineering website in regards to that.

This is a normal characteristic for this bike. It makes the clack when the engine is shut off sometimes also.

My 07 DR makes a variety of noises during cold starts (under 40 degrees). So far as I've read, it's nothing to worry about unless the noise is still present when the bike is warm.

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