DER Fall Hare Scrambles Series

Anyone heading down to the race?

I have never been to it and wanted to know if there is a good location to watch from?

the start has a good area to watch.. on the website it said something about a shuttle bus to bring people to another area to watch.. so im thinking it should be good..

I looked on the site and can not find it. Looks like if you go to the school you can go down from that.

yeah i dont remember.. once u get in the area.. they will have the red arrows all over tellin ya where to go.. allways a fun race.. you goin to race or just to watch?

are you guys racing it?

ive never been to this race but looking at the satellite view on google maps i would bet its right after the school... i can see alot of what looks to be trails threw the feilds and woods.

I am going to watch. My bike I ride is back in West Virginia but now that I have a house I am getting one for here. Going to buy a trailer today so that is the first step.

The area will be directly across from the Gunning bedford middle school entrance. There should be plenty of places to watch from, just wear your boots. Rain on Saturday should make it perfect.

what did you all think? What a mess!

wasnt to bad. the section right after scoring sucked. that muddy single track. the rest was ok. i should have never went... i had food poisoning and tryed to race... i there was a deep rut right after you crossed the road from the start heading in to the trees it was of on the left out of the main line i tried to take. didnt see the hole to the last min. after that i was done. it took every bit of energy i had to get unstuck. then i tiped of in the reed fields ... i got 3 laps it and finished i think some where around 10th in A four stroke... i left before results where posted so im not sure what i got i know it wasnt to good. i got laped my mike laferty on my mid way on my 3rd lap. oh and some jackass sat in the middle of the trail after i passed him there was another deep rut in the muddy single track so i got of the bike so it wouldnt slide into the rut and get stuck. well this jack ass but ****ed me just rammed me in the back with his front tire. and nocked me over. he must have been double A on a rm 100 or 85

how did you do . what class

Did horrible. First time i didn't finish a race. Puts a bad taste in my mouth but I was 5th outta the start. About a mile in caught up to the class before us all sitting in the trail, finally got broken up then I slid into a vine. By the time I got out I atleast had a whole class pass me. I Rode good until the 3rd lap in the back section that was a long straight all mud got cross rutted in 5th gear went down and jammed my thumb. I couldnt pull the clutch in cuz of it so decided to pull off. Broke my camel back too. btw i was in C-4stroke

I think Justin Draper got he whole shot in your class.

who is justin draper? never heard of him or even seen his name or results...

did you guys do the single track after scoring in the C class race? just trying to get an idea because i believe on the flyer it said c class only race the two youth tracks.

i was pretty embaresed yesterday i felt like it was the first time i ever rode i bike. making so many stupid mistake. i guess that what happends when you havent rode since the july 5th race and your sick... i usally im a top 3 guy in my class and top 30 overall in the A - B main . yesteraday i got 11in class and 81 overall.... what a bad day. not to mention i have a stright shift leaver coming of the axle you can hardly shift it by hand ... bent tip on my muffler and broken tab of my radiator.

We went straight after scoring then made a left. I know you guys did another 2 miles then us. The ruts were 3 ft deep durring our race. I dont know how you guys got threw it.

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