Bike won

I have a 2001 Yamaha WR250F and the other day I was riding and I was in third grea pinned and all of sudden I heard lots of grinding and the bike would go when I gave it throttle. I slowed down into second and I it would go but barely and then I made it back to my house and it just quit. ANd i can't git it started again and every 2 or 3rd kick the kickstart kicks back really hard. Anyone have any ideas on whats wrong ? Thanks

the grinding is the problem.

you should look into what caused that noise.

It's 01. Did you replace the timing chain when you got it? If not, its probably jumped time and bent the valves... $$$$ My trash can is about 800 miles south of you. If you throw it really hard, I'll try to catch it.

thats exactly what happened

its going to be very very expensive from this point on

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