Bike won't start kickstarter kicking back

I have a 2001 Yamaha WR250F and the other day when I was riding I shifted into 3rd and open the throttle wide open. ANd all of sudden i heard grinding and rattling and I lost power and the bike wouldn't go when I have it throttle I had to shift it into 2 and it went but it was still rattling and really wouldn't go that great. And I made it back and I can't git the bike to start up and every once in awhile when I kick the bike over the kickstart kicks back really hard. Any ideas on whats wrong? thanks

I know exactly whats wrong. It's broken.

But until they invent the crystal ball. Your going to have to take it apart to find the problem.

jumped time and more than likely a few other issues at this point that will more than likely run you several hundreds of dollars to repair correctly which I would venture will not happen if you happen to follow the trend of so many other people that just want to fix it real quick and not completely correct....

Good luck.

Sorry to be negative but my friends bike recently did the same thing. I took the head off to find all three inlet valves bent and jammed open from hitting the piston. Thats why it was also causing the kickstarter to kick back. Sorry dude, doesn't look good.

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