Dead Spot on a 96

Okay, lemme see if I can explain this one. I'm relatively new to all this and might not have the terminology exactly right.

So I'm riding a 96 DR650, pretty much stock. The problem is I've got a dead spot on my throttle. When I shift down into first or from neutral into first, there's about a one-inch spot I have to gun the throttle through to keep it from dying, even with the clutch in. Once I've gunned it through this spot, the bike gets going fine.

I'm thinking it could be an idle circuit thing, but the friend I bought the bike from has cleaned the hell out of the carb before and checked the circuit, and cannot for the life of him find anything that'd be making this happen.

Thanks much!

I'm assuming it idles OK? So that would eliminate the pilot circuit. Check your jet needle plastic spacer. Item #21 below. They can wear on the bottom side where they contact the D-shelf in the slide. This lowers the needle and therefor leans out your throttle from about 1/8 on up to 7/8. You can flip the spacer if the top side is still good. :bonk:


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