TTR 600 - problem shifting gears, or is it just me?

Hi, I test rode a 2003 TTR 600 with 13000 km on the clock today (alleged 13000, because it's the second meter). It looked pretty good, no scratches, motor's dry, minimum price on eBay is 2250 Euro. I am seriously considering buying it for a Germany to Cape Town trip next spring. It'd be my first motorcycle.

Thing is, I had a problem shifting gears smoothly. The gear shift just didn't seem to move much up or down. I managed changing gears alright, there were no noises or whining in any gear, but it felt different from what I'm used to. The owner didn't have any problems though, so I'm asking: Is this normal for a TTR? I'm worried I'd have to spend a fortune on a transmission overhaul.

Thanks guys,


I have a 2004 TTR600RE with 8000km, and YES the gear change is not particularly "slick" :banghead:

Its a bit clicky and although it never causes and problems (no missed gears or jumping out) its not the best ever.

So, if everything else is OK, don't let it put you off, you get used to it quite quickly.:cheers:

Yeah thanks, I bought the bike and, like you say, it hasn't been smooth but no problems either.

I have a hard time getting it into neutral with the motor running, though. It always goes past neutral into 1st or 2nd. Could the clutch be the culprit here?

Other than that the bike's been great. I can even manage to kick start it now. :banghead:


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