Taffy mod on my Z

Bear with me here :bonk:

Complete noob

I have an '05 E..as I understand I have to do the taffy mod on it..not the O-ring right?

I have searched but the results are sketchy

Is there a documentation of the taffy mod in a post plz?

Thanks :bonk:

click click

I read this first http://docta-zaius.freeservers.com/whats_new.html

Then i bought these...


Then i cut off one connector with a hacksaw and removed the plastic. Go for a 5amp connector i think, the smallest ones. And used it as the adjustable stop.


You can reach it when the carb is on too for adjustment. Although the best way is to set it with the carb on the bench by videoing it then playing back on your pc with vitual dub mod (free) to see the exact duration.

Hope that helps :bonk:

I did this a couple months back on my E model using a RC car collar lock. I first followed the instructions linked above and did the mod with carb on the bike and set the gap to a dimes width. It showed some slight improvement but not all I was looking for.

Ultimately I needed to pull the carb and set the squirt to about 1.5 seconds to get the results I wanted. A small PITA but the results were worth it to me.


So is it just that little copper screw thing that you put on? No needing to adjust the seconds somehow?

Thanks for ze help

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