Cam chain ticking

My cam chain has started to tick pretty loud. So yesterday I ordered the MCCT.

Is it safe to ride for a week or two with a loose cam chain?

I would do some searches on here for the results of the ACCT going while driving! Hopefully you haven't done any damage already :bonk:!!!

I would wait!

The Bug

the acct usually puts too much tension on the cam chain, that's why we use a manual tensioner. if it's ticking, it may have already worn the cam chain out. Good luck, and keep us posted.

so i should order a new cam chain also?

You should definitely take at least the valve cover off. Have a look at how far the tensioner is over. In a quiet room unbolt the ACCT and listen if it clicks out as you remove it. With it off see if you can push it back in (ratchet broken). Have a look how the chain sits on the cam sprockets. Beyond that you would have to pull the chain and measure it as per the manual.

What you need to determine is WHY it started ticking. Has the chain stretched so much that the tensioner can no longer tighten it (if so, how do your cam sprockets and crankshaft sprocket look)? Has the tensioner broken? Has a chain guide failed? Is it actually the cam chain, or do you have a loose primary nut, or starter clutch bolts?

What year? How many miles?

And NO, don't ride it if the cam chain is in fact loose. Loose enough and it will jump on one of the sprockets or more, and destroy the top end of the engine.

Did you mean 'Tick' or 'Rattle'? How is your oil level?

Sometimes i sounds like a tick and sometimes a rattle. kinda hard to tell.

Oil level is fine. Ive been driving it a bit hard for the last 2 months. alot of wheelie pratice etc.

Its a 2005 model. Unknown milage. Been running with sm rims without speedo. got 4000 km on the counter. The previous owner old me it wasnt used to much. with the sm rims.

how old is the bike? if its relatively new the acct might just be stuck in between teeth causing a slight tic tic rattle rattle. personaly id ride it till the mcct comes in the mail

sorry lol just read last thread, but a couple rides should still be fine

Mine ticks WITH the MCCT. I gave up worrying about it.

how maney tanks of gass have you ran thrue the bike ( I get 100miles for 2 gallens )

even with my MCCT my chain needed ajusted after 10,000 miles

with a ACCT I cant see ware the timing chain would last over 20,000 miles befor neeing replaced

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