A small blank canvas

Should hopefully be completed this Sunday.


ahhh what a lovely site...i wish i had that

Should hopefully be completed this Sunday.


Nice:thumbsup:Can't wait to see the finished product

That looks incredible! Can we see more pictures? I am extremely jealous!

That looks amazing lol. Can't wait to see it once you finish. How did you get all that dirt and how much did it cost?

I can tell you it was all brought in by truck and I bet it wasn't too cheap...im super jealous man. haha

basic layout. We'll add more turns and jumps after the corners and table top are built


Real cool design I am sure it will be a sweet place to ride

thats gonna be nice, when its done.. make sure to post a vid. .too bad your so far, i know you need help breakin that baby in ..

Nice! What dirt is that?

I'm working on one in my backyard, and am not sure what type of dirt to order... (I live in AZ)

wow that is sick. Cant wait to see it complete.. How many loads of dirt did you get?

500 yards of dirt really doesn't go thaaaattt far once you start pushing it around. It's turning out quite nice though. Talladaga S turn!


That's going to be crazy nice! Lucky!

Looks like you have the making for a fun track!

A tip: Don't make as many berms as you are planning. They use a lot of dirt that you could make obstacles with and flat rutted ones will give you much better practice. My track started out with 7 berms, it now morphed to 4 berms and 7 rutted/naturally bermed corners.

Have fun!! :bonk:

The berms are already all in place. It's like a pinball machine riding through there, lol.

we really need to burn it in this weekend. I have a friend out there riding right now, here are a couple pics with a real camera:


entering the S turn


coming out of the S turn


the neighbors:


You need to have a ride day. Where at in Indiana do you live? :bonk:

Hey man, you can come ride. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm in NW Indiana. Where are you?

Hey man, you can come ride. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm in NW Indiana. Where are you?

I live just west of Indianapolis in Brownsburg. I might have to take you up on that offer of riding sometime, but right now my bike is out of commission.:bonk:

OK, you're only about 2.5 hours from me. Not that bad of a haul. We have some good riding that would merit the trip.

Hey im fron nwi. Are these trails on public or private land because they look like they would be fun?

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