difference in crf250 and crf 450 steering damper

is there a difference in a crf 250 and crf450 steering damper in 08? if so what is the difference? i purchased the mx bonz kit to install a damper on a 05 crf 250 and i have pro circuit 22mm triple clamps for a 08 crf450 , the damper came off a 08 crf450 and the damper is a little too long so it gets in a bind when the wheel is straight. any help would be appreciated. thanks

No difference at all. We have an 08 250 and an 09 450. They are identical. I read where someone said there was a valve change in 09, but I couldn't see it.

Do a search on steering damper modifications. It was posted by ebeck. He tried a lot of different oils in it and it really makes a huge difference in the final outcome of what he used. I did it on both of my kids bikes and he loves it. Every click on the adjuster made a difference.

can you help me find the link because i am new to here and i have looked for 20 min and cant find it lol

Everything changed on this site, but I'll see what I can find for you.

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