Roll-off recommendations ?

I figured after all these years of procrastinating, I'll finally break down and buy some roll-offs.

Just curious which brands everyone has had the best luck with ?

Thanks :bonk:

The ones that are not left in the middle of the trail.

Sorry, just had to throw that out there.

He asked about roll-offs...not tear-offs.

The ones that are not left in the middle of the trail.

Sorry, just had to throw that out there.

Scotts Works System is the best one I've used. If you notice the lenses has these rigid bumps on them so the roll offs do not scratch the lenses. I've used Spy in previous years and found the lenses would get scratched from them.

I have both the Scotts system and the Smiths. I picked the Smiths up just recently and already like them better than the Scotts. They both came with the dimpled non-stick lense, but the Smiths have fewer dimples in my line of vision so I find them less distracting. I also like that the canisters on the Smiths are clear so you can see how much film you have left.

Smiths have been great for me...

I give smith my vote as well, make sure to use the stick on mud guards to keep water out from under the film.

I have been using roll off systems for about 20 years both Scott and Smith. Setup is very important here in the Great Northwet. I use a thermal lens with vents for my glasses and I run fishing line about a 12lb test thru the holes that mount the roll off canisters so the film will not stick to the lens on very wet days. I also use a Quick Strap. With this set-up I can see all day no problem.

I have a set of the Scotts that came bundled with the No sweat goggles. They worked very well. Those little nubs on the lens never bothered my vision and even when they got water or mud behind the film just a couple tugs and it was clear.

One thing is, you can't use the Smith fim in the Scotts. lol That's all the local shop had.

Do NOT get the Pro Grip set. I had them and lost one of the doors. Coudn't get a replacement anywhere in the US. Finally broke down and pretty much begged some lady in Europe to send me one. Freaking rediculous to sell a $40 system without having a five cent replacement part.

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