My New 05 Yamaha Kodiak 450.. Wont idle with Choke Off. *PICS*


Few days ago I purchased a 2005 Yamaha Kodiak 450. It only has 16 miles on it and looks like new. No signs of use, everything is clean. Owner just rode it 2 times and sat in storage for 4 years.

It runs great but the carb seems to be needed some kind of adjustment.

It wont idle with the choke in the "off" position even with the engine fully warmed up. It kind of runs rough at idle. I need to keep the rpms high (with choke 1/4 on) so it wont die on me. Do I just play with the Idle Speed Adjustment at the carb? Or take it to Yamaha? Please let me know!

Yesterday I changed the oil and coolant. Still need to change the oil in the diffs..

Here are some pics!




There is a idle adjustment screw on my grizzly 350. id check to see if you have one. just a screw next to the carb. clockwise turns rpms up on idle

If it sat that long, the carb needs cleaned at least.

Yeah I think the carb needs cleaning too.

I never cleaned a carb before.

Can anyone give me some detailed tips.

I think I will just uncrew the 4 screws in the bottom of the carb. Get some carb cleaner and stray everything I can see and put it together.

Rough idling and requirement of the choke being on usually means a dirty pilot jet. They have very small holes in them.

Rough idling and requirement of the choke being on usually means a dirty pilot jet. They have very small holes in them.

Is the main jet and pilot jet the same thing??

Here is a diagram of the bottom of the carb removed. Where is the pilot jet in this picture??


The pilot jet is below the main jet and above the fuel screw in the picture.

The pilot jet is below the main jet and above the fuel screw in the picture.

Thanks for your help!

I will take the bottom portion of the carb off and spray the main and pilot gets with carb cleaner.

But I think I might dip the carb in some KimDip. Looks like the float is plastic. Is plastic okay to be soaked in KimDip??

just put engine clean in the gas tank. it cleans all parts of carb and removes carbon in engine. also stabalizes fuel if you have water in the gas. (this happens if the gas sits for a while) good luck.

Thanks for your help!

I will take the bottom portion of the carb off and spray the main and pilot gets with carb cleaner.

But I think I might dip the carb in some KimDip. Looks like the float is plastic. Is plastic okay to be soaked in KimDip??

I'm not an expert, but I wouldn't soak the carb. Chemdip will dissolve rubber parts like O rings, gaskets, and diaphragms. Just take the jets out and clean them with carb spray and compressed air. (By the way, don't be too crazy with the carb spray either. I ruined my accelerator pump diaphragm with it. Your problem sounds like a clogged pilot jet. Clean all your jets though, not just the pilot.

It sounds like the dealer never adjusted the fuel screw to get it to idle possibly (aside from a potentially clogged pilot jet). All carbureted powersports vehicles come super lean from the factory to get the thumbs up on emissions. This means that they take forever to warm up, and run poorly at idle. You also have to take the modern fuel into account as the ethanol mixed in creates a leaner fuel. Double whammy. Clean the carb with carb cleaner, pull all the jets and blow compressed air through them. Make sure you can see light coming through them. Back the fuel screw all the way out and make sure the spring, o-ring, and washer are all accounted for. Then blow compressed air through the pilot circuit. You should feel the air coming out the fuel screw orifice. Make sure the tip of the fuel screw is free of carbon, then reinstall it with the washer, o-ring, and spring installed. Turn it all the way in, then back it out 2.5-3 turns.

When I have carbs apart, I always remove the float and needle... as well as the seat. With the seat out you can see if you have hidden rust/dirt/gunk trying to come through. With the seat out, blow compressed air through the brass fuel inlet. This will blow any debris out. Put the seat back in, and the float/needle assembly.

Finally, make sure your air filter is clean and that the idle is set correctly.

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