98db law

does anyone know the details on the 98db sound law? I hear the rangers are going to be enforcing this law, does this law apply to steet bikes also? the reason I am asking is I have a wr426 that is street legal (ca license plate) so that would make it a street bike, almost every harly on the road runs open exaust that can shatter glass, thoes guys never get hasseled by the cops, so if I get pulled over by a ranger do I have a good arguement?

Latest issue of dirt rider says it has to be 96 db.

Also, they say calif bought a s*#t load of testers at 1400.00 a piece. Sounds like they are serious.I am in big trouble because my DR 350 puts out about 110db. Maybe I should consider putting the exaust back on. :)

"Also, they say calif bought a s*#t load of testers at 1400.00 a piece. "

Ah yes, your registration and forest adventure pass monies at work. Don't you just love it?

Just put a Harley sticker on your bike and you can make all the noise you want!!!!!! :)

I heard a rumor they will be testing in popular locations around the state of Idaho as well. I'm using the PMB insert (92db) and never going back. Sound check to your hearts content, Sound Rangers!! :)

Anyone heard about Utah are we involved is this thing?

is there a sound law for street bikes????

I heard they test at 4000rpm, if your bike does not have a tach, how do they know when your at 4000rpm. I'll say my bike idles at 4000rpm, how can they prove me wrong?

By reading through the information below it would be assumable that the 96db noise is no longer in effect for a street legal WR. It would be After 1985..... 80 dbA

So much for Harley's. But think about this as a dirt bike rider.

You can go armed into a court room with the information below (Researched Better) and fight your sound ticket based upon the current laws (I would Guess) 80% of motorcycles on the street do not meet the sound req

Here is a link to the Entire Sound Legislation that was passed/amended.

Calif OHV Sound Req

A link to the OHV Regulation for Ca

OHV Parks California

This was taken from a portion of the street Noise Law for Motorcycles in California. The rest of it ,kinda gets ya a little P.O'd

Noise Restrictions

23130. (a) No person shall operate a motor vehicle under any condition of grade, load, acceleration, or deceleration in such a manner as to exceed the following noise limit for the category of motor vehicle within the speed limits specified in this section:

(2) Any motorcycle other than a motor-driven cycle at a speed limit of 45 or less..... 82 dbA. Any motorcycle other than a motor-driven cycle at a speed limit of 45 or more..... 86 dbA.

(:D The noise limits established by this section shall be based on a distance of 50 feet from the center of the lane of travel within the speed limit specified in this section. The Department of the California Highway Patrol may provide for measuring at distances other than 50 feet from the center of the lane of travel. In such a case, the measurement shall be corrected so as to provide for measurements equivalent to the noise limit established by this section measured at 50 feet.

23130.5. (a) The noise limits, within a speed zone of 35 miles per hour or less on level streets, or streets with a grade not exceeding plus or minus 1 percent, shall be:

(2) Any motorcycle other than a motor-driven cycle..... 77 dbA

27150.8. The manufacturers of motorcycles and motorcycle accessories shall certify to the department that the exhaust system is in compliance with the standards and regulations adopted by the commissioner.

27200. (a) The Department of Motor Vehicles shall not register on a dealer's report of sale a new motor vehicle which produces a maximum noise exceeding the applicable noise limit at a distance of 50 feet from the centerline of travel under test procedures established by the Department of the California Highway Patrol.

27201. For the purposes of Section 27200, the noise limit of 92 dbA shall apply to any motorcycle manufactured before 1970.

27202. For the purposes of Section 27200, the following noise limits shall apply to any motorcycle, other than a motor-driven cycle, manufactured:

(1) After 1969, and before 1973..... 88 dbA

(2) After 1972, and before 1975..... 86 dbA

(3) After 1974, and before 1986..... 83 dbA

(4) After 1985..... 80 dbA

And here is California's Definition of a Motorcycle

Definition of a Motorcycle

400. (a) A "motorcycle" is any motor vehicle having a seat or saddle for the use of the rider, designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground, and weighing less than 1,500 pounds.

(:D A motor vehicle that has four wheels in contact with the ground, two of which are a functional part of a sidecar, is a motorcycle if the vehicle otherwise comes within the definition of subdivision (a).

© A motor vehicle that is electrically powered, has a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour, and weighs less than 2,500 pounds, is a motorcycle if the vehicle otherwise comes within the definition of subdivision (a).

(d) A farm tractor is not a motorcycle.

(e) A motor vehicle that has an enclosed seating area for the driver and passenger, and is used by local public agencies for the enforcement of parking control provisions, is not a motorcycle.

California Vehicle Code

Ca Vehicle Code

Look for Noise Limits or section 27200-27207

I Love California :)

E.G.O. thanks for the info, it sounds to me like if you are on a street bike they measure your sound according to mph instead of rpm, so would it be safe to say if i carry a copy of these veh. codes and show them to a ranger, me being on a street bike I should have to meet thoes regs.(even though my bike wont) but they will have to test me at 45mph at 50ft.

Hey its worth a try

I am no attorney, but any goofball like me can see the loop holes in this :D

That is just showing the stupidity of this law and the legislation of it all.

Fortunatly the Dirtbikes are not held to the same enforcement or lack of by streetbikes.

Geez could you imagine the back log of cases if Street bike noise was enforced.

Hummmm :)

Wingnut the rpm is different for different bikes. I saw the list in Dirtrider, I think last month when they did their 24 hour test, they also tested for sound on all the bikes. If they have you doing the test right the RPM is tested with a little hand held indicator they put on the side of your engine. Its a pretty simple little thing that works with a small spring and the vibration of your engine.

As far as the difference between license and unlicesed my understanding is that it doesn't matter. What matters is where your going to use it. You can ride till your heart is content on the road, through neighborhoods or what ever but don't go in the forest or public lands.


I know you are in law enforcement, I was wondering though based on what I read in the Cal law, is it not a double standard in our CA law on this. Seems to me that the enforcement could be interpreted either way aka Street Bike or Dirt Bike.

I have looked for any information regarding duel sport categories and I can not find anything in that area.

Seems to be a loop hole.


EGO I totally agree that its a double standard and I'm not totally up on the law out there, just the bits I get from the internet and dirtbike rags. I think they apply it with misdirected emotions rather than whats really fair.

hey all yamaha guys, go to this same post on the honda crf450 side lots of good info there :)

Why not just run a reasonable exhaust system? I would also bet that if a Harley guy wanted to ride his West Coast Choppers creation in a National Forest or California State Park they would need to follow the same rules. BTW... I think loud pipes on street bikes are annoying also

see this noise

for some help understanding what's up.

I've been trying to quiet down my WR with the GYRT insert but I'm having problems.

However, you'd love the Hindle 4-1 exhaust I put on my Vmax. I don't even know if a guy on a Harley could hear his bike next to mine when it's WFO. :):D :D

1350cfm this has been debated and argued to death here but I will stick my neck out on this again for the flaming.

What is the big battle cry of the argument for quite bikes? "Less sound=More ground". Tell me do you really think we are going to get more ground by making our bikes quiter? Not a chance. The people that are true activist against dirtbike access use this as one argument, if the bikes put out 0 sound they would be back to thier bigger arguments of trail erosion and our harm to critters in woods.

Point 2. The old sound restrictions are a few DB higher and easier to meet with the technology thats out there. Are we going to change peoples minds because we are now a few DB lower?? Again not a chance.

Should the old level be enforced, absolutly. Most of the bikes that people find offensive are the ones making noise in the 110+ range. These guys should get their acts together because they hurt us all.

Now with this in mind don't get me wrong I prefer a quite bike, it's more comfortable to ride for long periods. We as responsible multi use forest users should do what we can to let everyone enjoy the woods. But lets not sell ourselves out either with the fairy tale of "Less sound=More ground" will make all the enemies of dirtbikes go away.

Truth is I live in Ohio and we have no serious noise restrictions here. My reason for being for quiet exhaust systems is that I don't want to listen to them. If you ride on your own property far away and it doesn't bother anybody then go for it. I am lucky to have some woods and fields that surround our sub division. It's nice to be able to ride with my son at the drop of a hat without loading up the bikes and gear. I have VERY COOL people around me who don't mind that we ride. They sit on the porch and watch my 8yr old son on his PW80 and his cousin on an XR50 buzz around the house. Tehy wave to me on my bike and my brother on his stock piped XR400 as we ride down the street to get to the fields. We have the same deal at my brothers house. Here's the problem..... There are also a group of guys who ride LOUD QUADS(not quad bashing here)and don't have the common sense to figure out that doing doughnuts at redline with no baffle hurts all of us. When these clowns show up on a Sunday morning and raise hell that someone is going to call the cops, Which happens... They take off and they cops give me dirty looks. Now i'm not talking about Greenpeace tree huggers calling the cops. It's just adverage people who don't want the excessive noise and rowdy behavior. I don't want it either. The Bozo's rip up the trails and leave their garabage for us to pick up. Don't take my example here as a blanket statement that anybody with a loud pipe is a backwoods hillbob. Thats just what I am dealing with in my neighborhood.

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