98db law

I understand what your saying. If these quads were to have thier bikes set to the old standard DB level it would make a difference but my guess is that they do not, they are running open and in the area of 110-118 DB. Thats pretty much my point. The old DB limit was easier to meet with technology out there. The ones that are getting complaints are the ones that don't use anything, and even with the new law they will still be running open exhust and the law serves no purpose then. Its unfortunate that some rude people may ruin your local riding. Hopefully they will go away

Ive talked to guys who run loud systems and they used the same argument that some of my friends who smoke cigarettes use.. That it's their right to smoke where ever they want! No matter if it's while me and my kids are trying to enjoy dinner. I also use to smoke and NEVER smoked in a restraunt. At some point a persons actions be they smoking in "enclosed" public places are making excessive noise with loud pipes are boomin' stereos must be looked at.

> "Less sound=More ground"

I was just reading about this wonderful concept in the last

AMA Motorcyclist magazine. I'd like to ask you ladies and

gents in CA to do me a favor? When the state opens up that

new land you're being promised, please let me know, OK? I

don't mean when they do minimal maintenance on existing trails

in existing riding areas, I mean when they supply you with

NEW areas as promised. Please, I'd like to document that.

We (Colorado) were given similar promises when they instituted

the OHV sticker program. So far, all I've seen is improvements

(no doubt appreciated) at existing areas, but we're still

LOSING areas to ride.


Maybe we should call it "Less Sound=Keep Ground"?

> Maybe we should call it "Less Sound=Keep Ground"?

That would certainly be more accurate!


Mefman and Endurodog

I know we got off on the wrong foot on this, But I do agree with you totally on these points. Also Sorry for the past.

With that done.

I read that article in the AMA and was going to scan and post it. What a laughing joke it was. I agree I would love to see that happen, but to take it a step up. In BRC Mag they stated that Calif is in a major Budget crunch right now and is diverting OHV funds to other ares. Go Figure Ya Gray Davis.

All this about Less Sound is fooling the reality of the situation as pointed out by merf and edog.

It sucks. But here is what we are doing in California with the WCTT2 ride. We are starting a a new tradition with the WCTT2, we are holding a Saturday BBQ to benefit the BRC. They need bucks, Do I think the BRC / AMA is looking out for our best interest Yes in a Political way. Every dollar helps. I think the answer is education and involvement.

TT is 20k strong that is allot of votes. It would be a very cool thing to start State by State holding BBQ fund raisers to the local BRC chapters and Special Interests that Fight our fight.

Thats all I am going to say.

the problem with california is DEMOCRATS. plain and simple. democrats have always catered to the greenies, and greenies want EVERYBODY off the land. mtn bikes face the same issues and they make no noise.

unfortunately, colorado has more than it's share of the same (hey, i live in boulder county).

however, it cannot be argued that excessive noise is annoying and will make enemies. in other words, it will ALWAYS weight the scale against us. heck, the articles in the previous link document such history. the real 'shame on us' is that it's not necessary.

Hey EGO no hard feelings at all man.

1350cfm, the point is that the sound issue has been looked at. It has not been enforced. The guys that are ruining it for you in your local spot I would strongly suspect are outside of laws that were in place last year and they will continue to violate the new more restrictive law.

Your issue and possible loss of a riding area gets more into people respecting others rights, more so than noise. The guys you describe are horrible for our sport on a whole. The best thing would be for them to find another hobbie or grow up.

Less Sound=Keep Ground

I would vote for "enforce the old DB standard = Keep ground"

By that I mean most of the complaints are on the bikes running 110+, some test in the rags have some 4 stroke exhust systems running 118. Now that has been outside of the limits for years but guys still run them.

Now on the responsible front we have manufactures catching up on things and it sounds like there are a few things out there GYT, VOR tip, PMB inserts that are getting the sound down to the legal limit. I hope the companies out there keep moving in this direction. It would be great to take this argument away from the greenies as well as ride a quite bike with performance. But it won't reopen areas and it won't stop the attacks on our sport.

Ego sed..

> Also Sorry for the past.

No need to apologize Ego. We simply had a disagreement. I'm glad to see we're in agreement about the AMA article though. It was indeed a freakin' joke!

As far as redirection of money for other, more important, projects,

it's not just California that does that... CO has done it too.

And, one last thing, I'm working on a new Vortip type stinger

for my YZ... I'm not totally against quiet bikes, I'm just sick of

the rhetoric that is being force fed to us.


A SoCal ranger recently told me they need to be "trained" to inforce the new 96db rule. Sounded like most of them will be dragging their feet to start inforcing this becauce they know its crap. I was stopped and tested on my 99 YZ400 last year by some sherrifs way out in the boonies (104db). They kicked me out of the riding area, but told me they also thought it was all a bunch of BS. We should all be writing our local state assembly reps about this. I plan to.

Part of the blame of loud pipes has to fall onto companies like Yamaha. They build an awsome bike like the WR450 and send it out corked up with a junk exhaust system. They have to know that the majority of the WR series machines are going to be pleasure ridden. When you have a bike that even the magazine testers refuse to test in stock form that sends the message that before you even start the bike you need to toss the factory pipe in a dumpster after backing over it with your truck. So Joe Pleasure rider gets out his catalog to order a hipo system and sees that the FMF Q series (what should come on the bike stock)is $200.00 more than the other systems. Hell the guy just dropped $6,000 on a bike you can't blame him for trying to save a few bucks where he can. So the guy ends up with over 100db system that now we all have to listen to. It's safe to say that a WR450 with a "reasonable" system are still faster than most people can ride. Hell I bet it would be safe to say that a stock piped WR is faster than alot of guys can handle. My whole argument has NOTHING to do with serious racers who run on tracks. I am talking about weekend warriors who ride around towns, and in public places. Now nobody needs to think I'm bashing BLUE either. They just happen to be the worst offender in this instance. I was days away from getting a WR450 until a friend of mine who works for KTM made me a sweet deal on my new 625.


My brother has an XR400 and I like his stock pipe, It is very quiet and I think the bike runs pretty good. From what I have read on Honda sites... They say the exhaust is one of the last places to spend money on the XR400. They say it's a pretty good pipe? I guess what it comes down to is that as long as people install loud pipes because they think they sound cool that there will be a noise issue. I can't say that I'm right or wrong with my opinion. It's what it is. I like quiet pipes either on my bike or on my car. I have proven with my Road Runner that I can go plenty fast without Flowmasters and headers. It all comes down to personal preference and what you can get away with in your neck of the woods.

I just registered my DRZ and got some literature from the Ca DMV on the new OHV DB laws. It states that ANY bike ridden in designated riding areas must meet one of the following db's:

1. Any bike older than 1986- 101 dbs and below

2. 1987 and newer- 96 dbs and below

I live in Northern California and in the last month, I have been stopped and tested at every place I've gone riding. It seems that they really mean business. Therefore, I removed my aftermarket pipe and have been riding with my stocker with no worries. :)

1350cfm you are correct, Yamaha has screwed the pooch on the noise issue. KTM 450's have a lot better exhust system on them stock. Systems that make good power, and put out sound levels around 101 DB are out there. Those don't meet the 96 level. The power argument has been argued here before. People like the power the new 4 strokes put out. They use the power the new 4 strokes put out. Not everyone no. If power wasn't the issue the XR400 would have been on every MX track in America and in every enduro, it wasn't, power being one of the issues. Don't get me wrong the XR400 is the perfect bike for lots of people but again not for everyone.

My point is if the old standard was enforced, and obeyed we would be fine. The new law wasn't needed, it won't change anything. Enforcement will, which they are going to do now. More so than that the AMA is using the old battle cry of "Less sound=More ground". This isn't going to happen and the people that are politically active agaisnt our sport are still going to be. We gain nothing with the new law.

I guess we kinda agree. But like I before I'm not talking about racing. I'm talking about the type of riding the most guys do. And that recreational riding. If you have my brother who is a advanced rec. rider on his stock piped XR400 going 40mph through the woods next to our subdivision and here I come on my 625 with a full race Ti. system on mine cuz I think it's better and will make me faster..... Who got out of the woods first? Who cares.....Were just riding. But ya know what? Now both of us are getting dirty looks from the neigbors now. If he were riding by himself or we both had stock pipes there wouldn't be an issue. I also agree with you that some greenies will never be happy with even airplanes flying over a National Forest. We both agree there, But when you have a greenie trying to sway a reasonable person I think that the sound could help them gain support.I just want to ride! :)

I got checked at Mammoth bar here in CA, failed at 105db, they checked it right at the pipe, not 20" away, since I have reduced it to 99, still have aways to go to reach 96db's. I have it checked every time I go to see how much I still have to go, no tickets, they don't plan on testing unless a mountain biker complain's. The mountain bikers have the entire ohv area to themselves 4 days a week now. No matter how quiet you make the bike, the land will still be lost. It's happened to hunting, 4 wheeling and other unpopular sports...Just my 2c :)

And those Harleys are actually illegal, its just not enforced. They seem to get a pass. Its a good idea to try to be up to specs on noise. This is one way the anti's are trying to get us out of the public forest anyway. They wont give you a pass, I'd almost bet on it.

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