Is this right? (pics)

hey guys i started a thread before the update but have been really busey and have not had the time to work on my bike in a while. ill be riding this weekend and just double check. The clear plastic piece is it mounted right on the airbox?


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did you put it on there or did you get it like that?

took the fender off and it came off with it

Pics are too small for me to tell ):

so u just recently got the bike huh. its a replacement for the stock airbox cover. how does your bike run?

ive had the bike for about a year or two i just never really pulled the fender off and i cant remember if this is how it went even though i clean the filter like every weekend after i ride. what do you mean a replacement? i looked it up on the oem store and its on there i think its #7. i made the pics bigger btw

does it cover the whole air box? i guess its not a replacement. i thought i might have been a mod that the previous owner made.

it looks like its supposed to fit in vertially towards the front of your airbox

I think that piece is optional. I know mine doesn't have it.

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