How to drain the coolant around cylinder?

I volunteered to have a look at my buddy's 90' yz125, which has absolutely no compression, and is in roughshape. I am currently trying to take the cylinder off to inpect the piston and walls, but i noticed when i took off the head cover, there was still coolant in the holes surrounding the cylinder. I did drain the coolant from under the pump, and most of the hoses leading to the rads i have disconnected, so how the heck do i get that last bit out? I dont want to take the cylinder off and have the coolant

go into the crank/bottom.thanks for the help!

try taking a syringe or turkey paster with a tube on the end and suck out all the coolant.

The coolant drain bolt should drain all of the fluid, maybe try to kick the bike over so that the water pump will pump the fluid out of the cylinder?

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