DRZ 125 - Is there a "Best" Jetting?

I just bought a used, stock 2003 DRZ 125L for my youngest son. He is coming off a quad so this is is first bike, he's never ridden a bike (motorcycle) before. The bike is in like brand new shape, hardly ridden. But, boy does it take forever to warm up, then seems to me, to run kinda hot. My question is about jetting. I know, do a search. I've searched this forum about jetting, about accessing the capped fuel screw etc. But, Is there a "standard" set of jets that everyone agrees on that work best? We'll be riding Cailf. desert only.

I found a "Joker Racing" jet kit on eBay for DRZ/KLX/TT 125's that include a 110 main, and 17.5 Pilot


Any thoughts? good or bad?

I want to keep the bike stock, "tame" and easy to ride for my son so he doesn't get scared off and want to go back to quads (man, I can't wait to sell those quads and get some of my Garage back).

Thanks guys!

yea go for the kit off ebay i bought the same kit and it really lever everything out.But you have to have a aftermarket pipe on the bike to show more improving.


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