New KX450F 07 owner - Pro Circuit Pipe Question?

just purchased a kx450f 2007 model and was wondering if an 08 pro circuit Ti4 system would fit?.....been offered a good price on it and wondered whether to go ahead.

btw i'm new here...would like to say a big hello form rainy england....feels great to be back on a kwacker!!:bonk:



excellent.....can't beat a man who posts right to the point lol:ride:

If you do buy the pipe, please let me know your experience with it? Did you notice more bottom-end etc? Thanks!

My buddy got a PC header put on about a month ago. The difference between the stock header and PC one is dramatic. The bike was real mellow with the stock header and PC 498 silencer. Not much bark just super smooth. With the PC header, its a completely different bike. More grunt off the bottom and it doesn't fall off. He has an 06 and after riding it a couple times, I would definitely recommend it. Not the 498 silencer, just the header.

Not the 498 silencer, just the header.

Wow, I wouldn't have thought that a header would make such a difference....

Would it be worth using the PC header with a stock silencer?

The stock silencer is pretty close to the 498 IMO so yes it would make a difference.

I picked up a T-4 slip-on for my 08 KX450F. Got a great deal on it. I called Pro Circuit to see if their header would out perform my stock header and if they recommend it, they said "No".

They said their header is just a low cost option when the original gets smashed. On the full "GP" system, the header works with the muffler and will out perform a slip-on with any header.

Strange for them to say its a stock replacement. performs nothing like the stock header.

I have a dent in my stock header and was ready to drop the cash for the P.C. header. Thought for sure they would recommend their pipe. After all, they are in the business to sell replacement exhausts.

I will do a little more research and buy it if it seems worth the money. At least the stainless steel header won't be as soft as the stock titanium pipe when it gets hot. Less dents.

I recently repacked my stock muffler with a stainless mesh kit from Moose Racing. Quieter than I ever remember, and I'm sure it gave it back a couple of HP!

If an 06 is jetted right with a healthy top end, for race results, I cannot comprehend many riders ever needing more power than it has stock. Forgetting about racing, I understand that for many people, more HP = more fun.

Anyone with an 08 or 09 put a lighter flywheel weight on their bike??

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