It's not supposed to do that!

I got home this evening wanting to get 20-30 minutes practicing in the backyard, so I grab the beta, roll it out of the back of the garage, open the petcock, choke, etc. and fire it up. Runs for a second and I hear a scary metal sound from the engine. As I start to look down and listen she puts herself into gear and takes off. She slams into the husky which slams into the yamaha which slams into the KTM and they all go down in a heap with each one pushing the other forward off their kickstands. :bonk:

All I want to know now is how this little 160lb bike took down 800lbs of iron. The fact I was revving it a bit and standing beside it gave me little opportunity to haul it in. Damn this thing has some serious flywheel effect! :bonk:

Note to self: Take outside garage before starting and hold brake. :bonk:

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I've had it happen too, the bike was between gears when you started it. If you hit the shifter before it engaged you would have been in like 4th gear or something. I never had that much exitment though.

Thats so funny, I'd like to have seen the expression on your face. Than the cussing etc...... Happened to me once, lesson learned always hold the Clutch in.....

Next time you think that there's even a slight chance of this happening again.....please get out the camcorder!

Not sure I'll ever be able duplicate the motorcycle dominos again much less get it on film. No doubt I'd be LMAO if watching it with someone else. :bonk: I don't think I've ever been any more surprised, so the look on my face must have been a good one. Even funnier was it pulling me along while trying to get a hold of it. If I'd have let it go it would have gone out the door and missed everything. Luckily no damage to anything and I still got my ride in.

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