01 rm 125 just died??? help

my bike ran fine. but today i started it and let it idle for a while. i started twisting the throttle back a bit and it sounded like the exhaust was cracking loud? i took it down the street and back and it hit real hard but then when i pulled in the drive it just bogged real bad and died..wont start..yes there is gas in it and the gas was on......thanks -anthony:banghead:

i forgot to mention that i did tweek with my powervalve a bit...did i adjust it wrong and now its doing that? would that have any effect on what my bike just did in the previous post? thanks

I would pull and inspect the plug, then do a compresion test.

If that checks out I would set it back to the stock pv setting, and try starting it. How far did u adjust the spring tension on the pv?

Check for spark, check that gas is flowing into carb.

When that happens to me, it is always a fouled plug. Power valve misadjustment would not cause it to bog and not to start. I rode my bike with an open power valve, it just had no hit.

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