Does anyone make a blue rear fender for the cr?

I am thinking about getting parts unlimited graphics and my color scheme would be a white front transition into a blue rear? I can get the retro style blue cr seat.

I think Cycra makes blue plastics for Honda.

I know Cycra makes plastics yellow for the newer CRFs but they don't have anything for the CRs.

Acerbis catalog has blue fenders for the CR but RMC dennis Kirk etc doesn't offer them.

What about Maier? They show a lot of different color options, but I am not 100% on how they operate. I couldn't find too much info on the site and you have to pay like $3 to get a catalog.

Acerbis had a full blue plastic kit for the CRs a few years back. They offered it for the 02+ CRs.

I know that someone makes it, I have a set for my 02 CR250. I got it through either bto or motosport outlet. It didn't last too long on my bike, blue plastic looks hammered really quick, but good luck.

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