yz 250f mantinence

I was just wondering how often i should replace my timing chain and piston. I dont really race and i clean oil every 3-4 rides and airfilter everyride. The timing chain is 20 or so bucks but last i checked my valves and chain the chain seemed the same tight as new. i have heard to replace every year or so but i dont want to if i dont have to. i have 30 or so hrs on the bike and plan on replacing the piston long from now and the timing chain next year. Do you think this is reasonable?

Do a search before you post a question, these topics get answered about once a week. Do a timing chain once a year, and a piston every 50-200+ hours depending on how you ride. Since you don't put many hours on your bike you could get away with every other year on the timing chain. With the self tightening tensioner though it will always feel tight, if it doesn't something is very wrong! You have the right idea though, checking it for stretch, which since it's such a small chain it will. The reason every one says one a year is because they do stretch relatively fast, are cheap, and easy to do. Plus once a year it is a good idea to tear the bike down and check the measurements of everything, if anything is outta spec replace it. Most just put a new top-end on since they have it apart anyway.

The first thing to do is get an hour meter. That is the only way to know how many hours you really have on your cam chain and piston. Not to mention that you only change your oil every four rides.

Waiting to replace parts is a personal thing. If you replace it once a year then you do not have to worry about it. I have skipped a year and then every time I hear a noise I think to my self how saving 2 hours and $20 for the cam chain would not be worth a new head and valves....

I have a hour meter. I just did not look at it before the post.

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