does XR650R oil cooler add alot more oil to the bike?

I have a '06 XR650R D/S I am commuting with...

going to full street tires soon....

Does adding an oil cooler give us a lot more oil?

I wish these things held more than 2 quarts.....

I had less than 300 miles on the last oil. looked pretty dark.

any other way to add more volume to the lube system?

Engineers at honda likely spent quite a bit of time on keeping their desert racer cool and well lubricated. Your dark oil could be a sign of blow-by or other internal issues...

All due respect, but i think unless you're sustaining high temps or rpms, that extra quart or so of oil isn't necessary, just something else to break.


The amount of oil in the cooler depends on the size and type of cooler. I have a 4" by 6" panel type (off of an ATC350X) and the cooler plus the lines adds around 1/3 to 1/2 of a quart.


I will add that the color of the oil is not a reliable indicator of the condition of the oil. If you're concerned, have an oil analysis done. That will show what is getting into the oil and in what amounts, including metals and combustion byproducts.

Two quarts is actually about 230% more engine oil than the CRFs carry. :bonk:

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