Removing handlebar switch on Vortex Ignition

Hi guys, I have a Vortex Ignition on my bike and the switch seems to be broken so I want to remove it but the problem is that when you simply unplug the switch, the ignition stays on map 1 all the time. I know that there is a 30$ switch eliminator for sale that enables you to remove the switch and being able to adjust the maps on the box but I was thinking of doing my own one with the plug of my handlebar switch.

The handlebar plug have 2 wires coming from it like shown:


The switch eliminator looks basicaly the same as the one of the handlebar switch but the wires are coming out of one side and entering the other side:


If I cut my switch wires at around 2 inches from the plug and then twist them together at the end, do you think that it will work?

I would'nt see why because it would do the same as if they were coming out of one side and entering the other side of the plug like on the switch eliminator.


connecting them is need to do something better than tiwsting them together though.

The wires on my Vortex are just twisted together with electrical tape wrapped around them to eliminate the switch.

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