FI on all Yamaha dual sports in Japan.

Did you all know? I just figured this out browing through Yamaha Japanese website.

This includes not only WRR & WRX but also Serow 250, XT250X, and tricker. Just to clarify, U.S. XT250 = Japanese Serow 250, Japanese XT250X is the motard version, and tricker is the same chassis but smaller wheels, tank size, etc.

How come U.S doesn't get fuel injected XT250?

And guess what? All these models have been getting fuel injection since 2008, but I would be surprised if 2010 US XT250 gets FI.

talk about fairness. :bonk:

The demand for smaller displacement machines allows Yamaha to change their supply & demand structure which includes pricing.

The US is geared toward larger displacement machines for the bulk of the target demographic. It also helps differentiate the "fuel injected machine over there in the corner does cost a lot more, but you get....." sales pitch.

Yeah, the Tricker is basically a street ready trials bike. I'd love to have one, but seeing how hard it is to find trials bikes in the US already.

Maybe when all the bmx jocks get older and get tired of pedaling the market will make it over here. :bonk:

As a side note, While EFI can be great, it can be a real pain when it's not working, so it's a mixed blessing...

And this is what Japanese 2010 YZ250F looks like.

For US, only 2010 US YZ450F got the treatment.

At least I know what US 2011 YZ250F will look like.


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