Does 07 and 08 head w/cam interchange?

Just wondering, I want to put my 07 head with that cam on my 08 and vise versa. I noticed the cam part #s are different from 07 to 08.Thanks

Different grind is all. The cam is different. They swap as far as I know as far back as 06 up to 08.

The heads interchange 02-08

Cams from 07 & 08 do not without their respective year cam gear. The 07 is the first year of the weight style decompression. There is no reinforcement behind the cam gear for the weight pin. I would suggest you put a small tack weld there.

In 08 Honda put a reinforcement piece behind the cam gear. Thus the cam has different shaped lobes where the cam gear bolts mount to clearance that. Also the ID of the cam gear and OD of the cam is different from 07.

So if you have a OEM or aftermarket 07 cam, you have to use the 07 cam gear. Same thing 08 cam has to use 08 cam gear. But either will work on 02-08 heads.

Heads are interchangable. As stated above, other parts need to be swapped over to the head.

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