New 2006 RM250 - How much to pay?

Guy's - I found a brand new 2006 RM250 and am ready to buy. How much should I pay for it? Used one's with less than 50 hours are going for $2,000 to $2500 if you shop around. I am having difficulty spending over $3000-$3500. The day after I take it out it will be worth $2500.... Anyone buy a new RM lately? How much did you pay?


well if its any consolation, there's a few brand new '08 RM250s here in Australia going for a mere $AU8,500. That's around $US7,800.

Brand new in the crate?

You can expect to pay around 5 grand.

NADA on a '06 RM250 in my area and in excellent condition is $3,200. Based on that and the fact that it is brand new and therefore not needing anything, I would be ok with paying top dollar for it.

For what it's worth, NADA on a '07 RM250 is $3,600 and $3,800 on a '08.

If it were me, getting out the door in the $3,500 range would be acceptable.

There is a brand new 06 RM-250 at the dealership here in SoCal.

His bottom line OTD cost is $5000, as the bike has never been out of the show room.

I just bought a new 03 rm125 a few days ago that was still in the crate for $3,400!! I bought it because I couldn't pass up the idea of having a new bike that needs nothing! ( so often you find used bikes that need a few $$ put in them and for the price I bought it for..) I am happy with it. I'd say go for it you won't regret it!

Lost out. Frigging bike sold. Dammit.

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