2009 YZ450 hour meter

Dumb question but I have to ask, I have a yahama hour meter and have found a place for it but the spark plug wirr isnt the same as Im use to, does it still go there since its just wires in a sleeve?

Wrap the wire arround the coil on top of the plug rather than on the wire itself. It won't work if you wrap it on the wire.

Hi there. I put an hour meter on my YZ450 recently, and wrapping the hour meter lead around the jacketed wires didn't produce a reading. I ended up wrapping the lead around the head of the plug assembly (plastic). Works like a charm...

Yeah man the spark coil is actually in that cap part (used to be before the wire), just wrap it twice around the plastic right above the rubber boot and zip tie it, and you should be good to go...

thanks guys...does anyone have pictures?

thanks guys...does anyone have pictures?

Went out and snapped a few pics for you...Realized I actually wrapped it around the rubber boot, not the plastic part as I stated above...Works perfectly...I ran the wire up with the throttle cables and put the unit in the bar pad, I did that so I can easily see the rpms, as the SenDec has total time, job time, and rpms...





^nicely done.

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