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What do you guys think?

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Found this post from another web site in response to something Michael Sleeter (KTM test rider) had posted about Michael Hall crashing in Italy at the Husky test track. The post claimed the crash occurred due to something that broke on the bike. Does the E-Mail seem legit?

I recieved an e-mail from Husky this morning regarding the post I made about Michael crashing In Italy. I guess I was given bad info when I arrived at the track and the bike did not break. I want to say I'm so very sorry to Husqvarna for saying there bike broke. I should have never posted anything about a rider who had a crash if didn't know the whole story. Below is from Husky

Below is from Husqvarna

Dear Mr. Sleeter

We found out that you posted the following post on a USA forum called www.proride.com:

Since NOTHING happened to our bike and/or no technical problem was the result of Michael Hall’s crash, we’d like to understand:

1) Were you there at the track? There was NOBODY there.

2) You mention “one of the locals”. Kindly report name/surname of this source.

3) What kind of proof you have that can confirm your post

If what you have said and wrote is NOT TRUE, but just the result of a rumor, or an idea you have on what happened, then we ask you to write a further post to apologize to us.

We are also considering to proceed through our legal department in this case.


BMW Group

Martino Bianchi - Coordinator PR and Racing Activities [/b][/b][/b]

Via Nino Bixio, 8 - 21024 Cassinetta di Biandronno - Varese – ITALY

Phone +39.0332.756.405 - Fax +39.0332.756.418 - Mobile +39 335 7466508

Martino.Bianchi@husqvarna-motorcycles.com http://www.husqvarna-motorcycles.com

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Ruffled a few feathers here old chap. The gentlemanly thing to do is admit to passing on heresay and appologise for your error. I must admit that they are being a bit precious.

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Here is the original post;


"I arrived at the track in Italy today when one of the locals said the an American ride named Michael Hall crashed really hard when his linkage broke spitting head over heals yesterday. They said he was just banged up real bad but not broken. Michael we are all praying for you and your Husky deal"


Hmmmmm, lets see,

For years there have been digs @ KTM for not having linkage.

Michael Hall does have a reputation for wadding up.....Looks like a little exaggeration bit him in the ass :bonk:

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What do I think?

Hey, it's like one of those urban legends.

You know as in...Someone heard something, from someone who heard something, from someone who read something on a forum where it was copied from another forum... who posted something he heard from someone on a Yamaha or KTM who happens to be Romanian and has a problem speaking english.

Chances are he talked to some guy at a gas station who was Italian and had a Honda on his trailer who said his American friend had this accident while using a Stihl Weedwacker to edge his lawn.

It would almost be like saying "hey... I have a friend who said he's been hanging on a web forum where everyone's a bunch of Bay area cross dressers and by the way they all ride Husqvarna scooters.


Hey it's funny how stories get started. :bonk:

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