Lee Marvin/Keenan Wynn Hare Hound Trivia Q

Quite sometime ago I was up too early one morning and caught the tail end of a 1950's or 60's film clip on AMC or Turner featuring Lee Marvin and Keenan Wynn in a Hare and Hound I believe from Barstow to Vegas if memory serves.

It was not a movie, but more of a short documentary following the actors as they attempted this race--I remember Keenan did not finish but not sure if Lee did.

By the time I snapped it was too late to load a blank tape to bootleg it. I never seen that film featured ever again.

Is anyone familiar with this? Maybe know where a copy can be had? It was some true vintage noir.

Wasn't that part of the orignal On Any Sunday movie? If it shows Lee Marvin trying to look cool with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth then I think thats where its from.

Do a search at IMDB (Internet movie data base), you might find some info there.


I will keep hunting around unless some documentary buff comes up with it. It was not a part of On Any Sunday but seems like it would have fit right in.

There's some reference to them in On Any Sunday II.

I've got the movie on tape. (It's not really very good and I haven't watched it in a while.)

They showed several old clips that at least were supposed to be from a newsreal. I think it was the Catalina GP, they were documenting.

And then, I may not have a clue.


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