Speed Bleeders

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Question: Does anyone know what size (part number) Speed Bleeder the Klx300 uses?

Speedbleeder.com doesnt show the 300R

I have these.....


On my KLX450....


I thought they might fit the '07 KLX300 that I have now, since they are long enough for the 300....


They are long enough, but they are too fat to clear the recess in the hex of the fork cap. They will go in about one thread before they start to bind.

You could buzz them down in a lathe if there were no other options.


^^^^ Thanks for the post Torch, but I meant Speed Bleeders for brakes.

Picky! :bonk:


Bleeder size is M8 x 1.25 so the Speed Bleeder number is SB8125L


How did you know what length to get? Meaning, which SB8125? They show three different lenghts: _, L, LL. This is for an '08 yz250f.

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