Need Help Identifying Vintage plastics

Hey everyone, I'm new to this site and the offroading scene but any help would be appreciated. I recently picked up an '86 Yamaha YZ125 as a project (it was pretty rough) but it came with plastics that obviously didnt go with it. The side pieces were tie-strapped on but the front fender actually fit (seems like a pretty universal 4 bolt mounting pattern) They're yellow which leads me to believe they're for an old yamaha but I cant find what they go to for the life of me.




Thanks in advance for any help

Those look very much like the plastics on my 80 YZ250. The recessed bottom bolt on the number plate is exactly the same.

go to DC plastics --- looks like 1980 yz 80

Yep, 1980 YZ 80 plastics are identical. I figured it would be off of a completely different size bike.

Thanks bergman

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